About Us

For the first year ever, professor Drs. Ing. K. Meesters and the students of the pre-master Information Management collaborated to initiate TUoSI, Tilburg University on Smart Industry. At TUoSI, knowledge about the dynamic field of Industry 4.0 is gathered by young and creative student professionals, who create a diversative view in the academic field. Looking at Industry 4.0 from an information management perspective, TUoSI combines IT with business insights to become most relevant for your organization.  

TUoSI brings together experts, practitioners and academics from a wide range of backgrounds in the fields of business and IT.

About Tilburg University

Under the motto of ‘Understanding Society’, Tilburg University brings together more than 15,000 students in sixty-eight different studies in the fields of law, psychology, business, and economics. The faculty of business and economics, Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), is ranked #1 in the Netherlands by Business & Economics Times Higher Education (2019) and #3 in Europe by Business UT Dallas (2019). 

By providing the program of Information Management, Tilburg University prepares students for the digital and data-driven reality in companies. This program teaches students how to strategically apply IT to achieve the full business potential of a company.