Drs.Ing. Kenny Meesters

Drs.Ing. Kenny Meesters

Researcher in crisis and disaster information management. International experienced information management consultant.


Kenny has a background in Business Engineering, and a master’s degree in both Information Management and Strategic Management from Tilburg University. He previously worked as a software developer and IT project manager for commercial firms. After several years he returned to Tilburg University as a researcher, working closely with international humanitarian organizations and local emergency services. He is also currently employed at Delft University of Technology working as a researcher in the HumTech (Humanitarian Technology) Lab. He is also a trained responder for the European Civil Protection Mechanism and has done field missions in several major disasters.



In his research Kenny focuses on the role of information and ICT in crisis situations and disaster responses, such as the use of community generated information in their decision-making processes. Specifically, Kenny looks into how information can be used to bridge gaps between affected communities, responding organizations and spontaneous volunteers. Among others, Kenny uses serious gaming as a research approach to examine these interactions in more detail and has (co-)developed several participatory platforms to examine, test and improve these interactions.